The future potential of your forest

A well-maintained and managed common forest is an effortless and productive way of owning a forest

We know your forest is important to you

A well-managed forest provides a better return, both for you and future generations, and our mission is to build this vision with your help, caring and respecting every hectare in a sustainable way. We want to make it easy and hassle-free for you, always keeping your financial best interests in mind.

In 2020, we purchased forest properties for our customers for over 50 million euros and we are continuing to actively acquire - request a quote and sell smoothly, reliably and without commissions.

How can we serve you?

With us you get to choose how your forest is managed and we have three different services for you to choose from. Under the AARI Forest Care -service you retain ownership of your property, but we manage everything for you. With the AARI Common Forest -service you have the option to become a shareholder in a jointly owned forest by merging your property into a collectively managed larger pool. Alternatively, the AARI Forest Deal -service offers you the opportunity to sell your property to us commission free. Whichever option you choose, we will take care of everything for you and you can be sure that your forest is in good hands.

Merge your property into the AARI Common Forest and become a shareholder in a jointly owned forest.

Sell ​​your forest to us and we guarantee a quick sale at a guaranteed market price without commision.

You retain ownership of the property, but we manage and care for it as if it was one of our own.