Common Forest

"Our forests are only on loan from future generations."

– Otto Heiskanen / AARI

Why choose AARI Jointly Owned forest?

Aari is an independent, impartial, and active pioneer in the forest industry, and its core business is the Aari Jointly Owned Forest, founded in 2020. We have the best experts, tools, and know-how to create a great future for your forest. Our reporting is clear, and our actions are measurable, so you always know how your forest is doing. We combine economic returns, biodiversity, carbon sinks and recreational values ​​using the best possible tools. We do what is best according to research and results, and we are not afraid to change if reaching the goal requires it.

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AARI Common Forest key numbers 1.7.2022

Total area:

4.790 ha

Market value

21.200.000 €

Growing stock

483.000 m3

(113 m3/forest land ha)

Yearly growing stock

~23.100 m3

5,5 m3/ha

Value per share

11.609 €

Profit in 2021

370 € / share

Balance is the key

Forests are an immeasurably valuable natural resource for Finland and play a key role in the economy, nature conservation and culture. It is our job to take care of them so that future generations can enjoy them too.

Balance is at heart of sustainable development. We wanted to create a way to own and manage a forest where four key values ​​for sustainable development meet: economic returns, carbon sinks, biodiversity protection and recreational values. Taking these factors into account in a balanced way is what ensures forests have a sustainable future.

At the heart of the sustainable development is balance

Better financial returns

We aim for stable forest value growth and annual cash flow for our shareholders. We have the best tools and know-how to schedule and target wood sales and logging so that the net income from wood is maximized and the value growth of the remaining wood is the best possible.

Increasing Carbon sequestration

We will increase carbon sequestration by maximizing long-term carbon sequestration production and increase forest growth through active forest management measures. We minimize carbon emissions from tillage and clear-cutting.

Recovering biodiversity

We aim to grow diverse forests that offer both animals and plants good habitats to live in. We save valuable habitats and favor softer forest management methods where possible.

Improved recreational opportunities

Our forests are used by our shareholders and local people for outdoor activities and walks. We strive to activate our shareholders to utilize forests also in their free time.

The proven benefits of Jointly owned forest

Jointly owned forests are a great way to own a forest, as they come with benefits that private ownership does not have. Areas belonging to larger pool of forests can be treated as a single entity, which brings with it economies of scale; reduces risks, equalizes returns and lowers the cost of forestry work. A shared forest is an effortless, flexible, and economical form of forest ownership and as a partner, you do not have to know or understand anything about forest management yourself. You can trust that the professionals will take care of the work and that the shareholders committee, together with the board of directors, will ensure the best interests of the shareholders are served. On the other hand you are welcome to join the shareholders committee and influence decision making should you so choose.

Jointly owned forests and their proven benefits

Easy form of ownership

Especially good in situations where the forest forms a part of a death estate where the heirs may have different wishes and goals. The joint forest partnership makes it possible to liquidate parts of the general legacy without having to sell the forest to an outsider.

No expertise in forest management is required by shareholders

The shareholders committee and the board of directors’ exercise decision-making power and the professionals are responsible for forest management.

Lighter taxation

Taxation of jointly owned forests is lighter than that of private forest owners. The joint forest pays 26.5% tax on taxable income, while the tax rate on the capital income of a private forest owner is
30% or 34%. The surplus to be paid to you
is tax-free income.

Risk diversification

Being a shareholder in a jointly owned forest comes with lower risks compared to private forest ownership. For example, if a storm or a bark beetle infestation hits a private forest owner, the damage can be massive. In a jointly owned forest however, the damage usually affects only a small part of the forest holdings with the majority of properties remaining unaffected.

Steady income and cash flow

A single forest property produces revenues from timber sales only seldomly, but from a larger group of properties they come at a steady stream. When you are a shareholder in a jointly owned forest your investment produces usable income every year.

Becoming a shareholder in the AARI jointly owned forest

Joining AARI Common forest is easy and effortless, and not having a property is actually not even an obstacle as we can acquire it for you.

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Three ways to join AARI Common Forest

If you are interested in AARI Common Forest please complete the form and we will contact you without delay!

AARI - forerunner in forestry

The AARI team is made up of highly experienced and competent forest professionals (, with excellent results and high customer satisfaction in managing and administering more than 100,000 hectares of forest assets on behalf of Finnish pension investors, foundations and joint forests. AARI, together with its partner Conifer Consulting Oy, is in fact Finland's largest independent forest property management company.

Our key operating principle is to combine researched information, the best tools and field expertise in forest management in a way that results are measurable and open to the public. Transparency, research, development and cooperation are important values for us. We are constantly cooperating with various research groups to develop better methods of forest management and protection.

Forerunner in forestry