Forest care

Professional forest management without the worries and obligations of forest ownership

AARI Forest Care agreement

By entering into an AARI Forest Care agreement with us, you have a assurance that we take care of your forest as if it were our own and you can enjoy the benefits of forest ownership without the obligations. You will be able to benefit from the economies of scale brought by the extensive forest assets we manage and our partner network, and you will receive an immediate improvement in your return on forest assets. Even the annual EU taxonomy reporting obligations do not weight on you, because we take care of them for you.

At the beginning of the contract period, we will work with you on a 10 - 15 year forest plan, which brings you steady cash flow throughout the contract period. We earn our commision when the timber is ready to harvest.

You will have access to steady cash flow from future wood sales.

The benefits of AARI Forest Care

  1. Economies of scale bringing better profits
  2. Steady yearly cash flow
  3. Harvesting and silvicultural operations done on time
  4. Easy - no worries with forestry work

The benefits of making an AARI Forest Care agreement

As an independent operator, we are able to ensure the most competitive conditions and the best end result in wood trade market. You will have steady cash flow from future wood sales, and you will not have to sell your forest property. With AARI Forest Care agreement, we will conduct with you a harvest and silviculture plan to be implemented. You can be sure that at the end of the agreement period, the amount of wood in your forest will be as agreed. As a forest owner, you will benefit from a possible increase in the value of your forest property, in addition to which you will receive a steady cash flow from the management contract without annual fluctuations. During the contract period, we will manage your forest in a way that meets both economic and environmental perspectives.

AARI Forest Care - example of customer property

94 hectares Kainuu-Ostrobothnia

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