The future potential of your forest

Our mission is to create measurable value from the forest with respect for nature. Now and in the future.

What we do?

AARI Metsä Oy focuses on the acquisition and management of forest properties, taking nature values into account. Our customers are forest owners, for whom the economic yield of the forest is important, but not at any price. Our forest management model combines a balance between financial return, biodiversity, carbon sequestration of forests and recreational values.

We offer forest owners the opportunity to join the common forests we manage:

AARI Common forest
LähiTapiola Common forest

If you are considering selling a forest property or need a reliable partner to manage the forest, ask more information..

Together with our sister company Conifer Consulting, we already manage more than 100,000 hectares of forest. In 2022, we bought forest properties for our customers for a total of 70 million euros. We continue to actively purchase more - request an offer for your property and sell smoothly, reliably and without commissions.

How can we serve you?

Merge your property into the AARI Common Forest and become a shareholder in a jointly owned forest.

You retain ownership of the property, but we manage and care for it as if it was one of our own.

Sell your forest to become part of our growing AARI forest.

Better return on your forest investment

With the help of our expert forest management model that is individually adapted to each stand, you can get a better return on forest assets. Correctly scheduled thinnings gives the most productive trees more room to grow and keeps the forest on the best possible path of value growth.

Our target is to grow a versatile forest, which clearly has more natural seedlings and a variety of tree species than traditionally managed forests. Such a forest is also resistant to forest damages. It is also nice to move and work in a well and responsibly managed forest.

At the heart of the sustainable development is balance

Better financial returns

We aim for stable forest value growth and annual cash flow for our shareholders. We have the best tools and know-how to schedule and target wood sales and logging so that the net income from wood is maximized and the value growth of the remaining wood is the best possible.

Increasing Carbon sequestration

We will increase carbon sequestration by maximizing long-term carbon sequestration production and increase forest growth through active forest management measures. We minimize carbon emissions from tillage and clear-cutting.

Recovering biodiversity

We aim to grow diverse forests that offer both animals and plants good habitats to live in. We save valuable habitats and favor softer forest management methods where possible.

Improved recreational opportunities

Our forests are used by our shareholders and local people for outdoor activities and walks. We strive to activate our shareholders to utilize forests also in their free time.

Read Kaisa's story (FI)

AARI was chosen upon for two reasons. AARI Common forest was ready to invest in protected forest as well, and the their professionalism convinced me.